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The Church of PROMISE - "Standing on the Promises of GOD"
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The Church of Promise began to meet as a church after the initial eight (8) members joined together and voted to form this church in 2008, at the home of our current pastor, Bishop Zella Berry Case.  After about an hour of discussion attempting to name the church, with no success among the initial eight, one of the members asked Pastor Case what did she think the church should be named.  Her reply was that we first of all, we will always stand on the promises of Christ.  So therefore the church was named the Church of Promise, for we are standing on the promises of Christ. From then on Christ has led us to several locations, as we have grown, not only in membership, but growing in the enhancement of beautification of our location. Currently we have since moved into our new location at 2534-36 East Chapel Hill Blvd, in Durham, North Carolina.  
Our Pastor, Bishop Zella Berry Case leads with strong passion and vision to see that The Church of Promise exists to help others connect, grow, serve, reach, and worship.  We do this by providing excellent teachings on Sunday afternoon (1:00 p.m.), authentic connections, and engaging our strengths to all that enter the doors of The Church of Promise.

 What to Expect
…when visiting on Sunday morning WORSHIP


How long is the service?
Our Sunday service begins at 1:00 PM and is usually over by 3:30 p.m..

What is the format of the service?
A typical service includes:
1) Praise and Worship in Song 
2) Corporate teaching of specific topics – Bible Institute, 
3) a sermon time, 
4) a time of congregational sharing and praying together; and periodically, 5) on the 1st Sunday of each month - celebrations of church ordinances.

What is the music style?
Our musical style is gospel of all types.  This includes, but not limited to contemporary, traditional, and spiritual. The mission of the worship team is to lead the congregation, with the help of the Holy Spirit, in genuine heart-felt worship—not merely to perform. The worship time features a mix of God-honoring praise songs and hymns.

What are the sermons like?
We hold fast to the centrality of God’s Word and the practice of preaching expository sermons. While occasionally a topical or seasonal message will be preached, our pastor insist in order to work our way through what Christ wants for our lives is to be free and have the liberty to learn our purpose and the plan for our life through the preaching and teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who is our Lord.

You mentioned a time of congregational sharing. What’s this like?
Following the sermon, members and visitors are given an opportunity to share publicly their thoughts or questions on the sermon, personal testimonies or thanksgivings, and prayer requests. During this time, we literally pass a microphone around to those who wish to share—with a loving reminder to keep it brief, biblical, and beneficial. We typically close the service with a time of corporate prayer.
What church ordinances do you observe?

We believe the ordinances given to the church are two, baptism and the Lord’s Supper—and that these ordinances are intended as symbolic outward expressions of faith for those who are saved (for believers). We celebrate the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of the month. We offer baptism by immersion throughout the year, as requests are made known to the elders.

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