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Bishop Zella Berry Case

Bishop Zella Berry Case has been in the pastorate for more than 14 years.  Early in her pastorate she was recognized as one that would be responsible for  leading and planting various ministries not only in North Carolina, but also abroad.  For the past 14 years  she has  been a bishop/overseer of several ministries, ordained several bishop and ministers of the gospel plus have planted several ministries, some starting in home and others starting in existing churches that were willing to share their spaces with other ministries for which have been in the developmental stage,  located in North Carolina.   In addition to that, for many years she have been  called by Christ to do  the work of an apostle, especially that of assisting other in bringing forth the vision that Christ had placed in their lives as they discover what part of the 5-fold ministry, the apostle, the prophet, the evangelist, the teacher, or the pastor - Ephesians 4:17, that they possess.   
NOW  after completing her Master of Christian Education, May, 2016, her plans are to move further another educational realm persuing  the Masters of Divinity and  Doctorate of Ministry Program at The Apex School of Theology, located in Durham, North Carolina.  Her  future plans in the  ministry include reaching outside the walls of the church to ASSIST all who need assistance in their  discovery for their  purpose for this wonderful life that Christ died for.  

     She says:It has always been an excitement that I feel when I am discussing what Christ can do for all of us.  I glory in the fact that through His grace and mercy we have the opportunity to be in the presence of God the Father and have a divine connection that without Christ shedding of His blood would not be possible.  I enjoy helping others with the discovery in understanding the job of the 5-fold ministry and assisting those in their developmental stage as they attempt to do the work that they are assigned to do by God.  I do this by using the principles and practices as seen in the Word of God.  I have spent many years writing and teaching what I consider the design in which Christ wants us to live by using textbooks that has been compiled by me, and sample classes of 2-3 weeks as a teaching tool for other perspective Christian Education Ministries. 
          I will in this ministry presentation assist you with the use of other outside educational; tools, such as biblical encyclopedia, commentaries, and devotionals that I feel will aid you into your development of a relationship with Christ and a wholesome relationship with others as you follow Christ. 
& be LOYAL
 in what you have committed to as it relates to Christ as being your 
Zella Berry Case
 Bishop, Overseer & Christian Education Motivator

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