The Church of Promise - AriZe Ministry of Preparation
The Church of PROMISE - "Standing on the Promises of GOD"
Ministry of Preparation

AriZeis an institution of higher learning for those that have been called by God into the Five-Fold Ministry as seen in Ephesians 4:11-12. This calling is for the perfecting of the saints.  The School consist of Five Auxiliaries:

1.  The School of Apostles
2.  The School of Prophets
3.  The School of Evangelists
4.  The School of Pastors
5.  The School of Teachers

OUR Plans
     Our attempt will be to educate and train spiritually, those called in these offices and also enhance the believer's abilities to go "deeper" and move further in their God-given role.

      the school endeavors to elevate all to the level in which you have been called using the method of "hands on" teaching.

     By the grace and through the wisdom given to the Instructors by God, these schools will be the preparatory and conceptual grounds for birthing, establishing, and setting foundations for churches to be strategically planted throughout the United States, as well as internationally. These churches will operate in the Five-Fold Ministry, which is set up by the Lord, through the power of the Holy Spirit.  These schools will also teach and train others who are leaders in the church outside the Five-Fold Ministry to be effectual leaders in their office, such as missionaries and deacon ministry.

Bachelor's Biblical Degree Programs

Classes beginning in 
December 2017

Bishop Case
(919) 428-4461
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