The Church of Promise - L.I.F.T. Ministry
The Church of PROMISE - "Standing on the Promises of GOD"

Helping Ordinary People Excel

Encouragement is that one thing that has a lasting effect.  It goes right to the seed in which all of us need, even at this very moment.   To be encouraged by even a stranger brings delight and pleasantness to the heart.  WHY?  Just look at the word itself.  Encouragement houses a prefix “en” which means (to put into), and is the Latin word (oor) which means heart.  So if encouragement is so important to us, why then not LIFT one another up with words and acts of ENCOURAGEMENT.

Let's LIFT

Living in Freedom Together brings support to all of you that are housing situations within that plague you daily.  This spiritual group intends to support, encourage, motivate and use prayer to assist each other in our daily walks of life.

This group that will be planted all over the world will also attempt to equip one another 
(in the presentation of what L.I.F.T. means) using specific teachings from the Bible, informative seminars, workshops and life experiences shout outs, motivating one another to become empowered and move towards and possess...

Progressive HOPE means we never stop moving forward.


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